Woman given first aid after canoe overturns

A woman received first aid care after her canoe overturns on Seymour river. According to firefighters, it was a fortunate ordeal since the woman had proper safety equipment and ample experience.

Overturned canoe incident

The woman was out with her husband and another man when her canoe overturned and sent her into the rushing waters which are higher than usual due to recent rainfall. A witness spotted her floating downriver shortly after and called for help.

Edmonton first aid

Timely intervention with the proper first aid measures can save a life.

According to Jim, Bonneville, Assistant Chief of North Vancouver District Fire and Rescue, they were not sure if she was conscious or unconscious. The firefighters dispatched trucks to three bridges that cross over the Seymour and started searching. They eventually found the woman struggling toward the riverbank on her own.

Bonneville stated that she managed to make it out, tired and shaken and the crews met her to administer first aid. She was transported to a healthcare facility as a precaution but is not believed to be hurt.

Phil Bates, the woman’s husband stated that she disappeared and there were some tense moments before he could confirm she was OK. He added that they are familiar with the river and have plenty of canoeing experience and that they were all wearing lifejackets at the time.

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