Food Safety Certification

We proudly offer food safety certification courses as an on-line program. This program meets workplace requirements and Section 31 of the Alberta Public Health Act Food Regulation. This is an on-line course that takes approximately 8 to 10 hours to complete. It is self paced course that registered participants can stop and start at their leisure. Participants will learn about important food safety topics such as proper handling, manufacturing, storing and preparing techniques that is essential to a clean and healthy establishment. The cost of this course is 49.99 and participants receive a St. Mark James certificate immediately upon completion. Registration for a food safety certification course is incredibly easy and the program is hosted through this site with an on-line teacher to help you with any questions throughout the course.

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Food Safety Certification in Edmonton

Get certified in food safety today by registering for an on-line class.

How to Register?

To register for this on-line course select click the link above or the link below and complete the registration form. Remember your login information so that you can start and continue the course at any time.

Do I have to Come in to Take a Test?

Yes, participants that successfully complete the on-line portion must come in to our training centre to take the final test. Participants are able to come to take the test almost any day, including on weekends at 5 pm. You’ll be able to select the exam date immediately upon completion of the on-line course.

How Much Does the Course Cost?

The cost of the course is 49.99. Included in the price of the course is certification fees, exam fees and all applicable taxes. No hidden fees.

What Will I Learn in the Course?

Participants registered for this course will learn about the following topics:

  • Food-borne pathogens
  • Proper food preparation techniques
  • Ideal storing temperature
  • Safe cooking temperature / techniques
  • Food allergies
  • Regulations
  • Proper sanitation techniques
  • How to keep a healthy and clean work environment

These and many more topics will be covered in the course.

Refunds and Transfers

Refunds and transfers are not accepted.

Privacy Policy

View our privacy policy by clicking here.

What If I Need Help During the Course?

We have many methods of providing you help during your course including by telephone, email ( or by on-line chat (by clicking the chat option on the bottom right of your screen).

What Do I Need to Start the Course?

You can start the course anytime on a desktop computer, tablet or mobile device. Please make sure your browser is updated to the latest version and you access to the internet.

What are the Prerequisites?

No prerequisites. Participants should have basic English reading skills.

How Much Time do you have to Complete the Course?

You have 8 weeks to complete the course from the beginning of your registration.

Quizzes and Final Exam

The on-line course, hosted on this website, includes 8 modules with a quiz at the end of each module. Participants must successfully complete the quiz before being able to move on to the next module. Once all modules are complete you will be able to select the date and time for your final exam. The final exam is available every week on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays at 5 pm. You will have one hour to complete the multiple choice final exam at our training centre. The final exam is closed book and participants must receive a minimum score of 70{c1e64cd9883821d080d6321857fd7e0aef09115686d80ca85d8fc5918ea7d4cb} to successfully complete the course. Participants must bring one piece of government issue photo id to the examination.

For more information about our exam policy please click here.

When Do I Receive My Certificate?

Participants that complete the final test will immediately receive a food safety certificate upon successful completion of the final exam.

Additional Information

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