Edmonton First Aid

Welcome to Edmonton First Aid! We offer a variety of workplace approved (affiliated with the Lifesaving Society) programs including emergency and standard first aid. We also offer WHMIS, H2S and food safety certification courses. We are experienced providers that have been offering high quality courses at low prices throughout Alberta since 2009. Register for any course quickly and conveniently either by telephone, email, on-line or through our chat option below.

Workplace Approved Courses

We offer a wide range of the highest quality first aid and CPR courses at competitive prices throughout Edmonton. Our experienced teachers and no pressure policies provide comfortable learning environments for our candidates. We offer first aid trainingre-certification courses and stand-alone CPR courses. All of our first aid and CPR programs provide successful participants with a certificate that is valid throughout Canada for 3 years.

H2S Training

Do you work in the oil and gas industry and need Enform Alive H2S certification? Our workplace approved H2S classes teach you how to stay safe and manage emergencies that involve poisonous hydrogen sulphide. Register for a course today.

Workplace Safety Courses

Learn to avoid, prevent and manage emergencies in the workplace by getting WHMIS training. Learn to manage hazardous materials by taking Workplace Hazardous Material Information System (WHMIS) training with us. Successful participants of this on-line or classroom course will receive a certificate of completion. This training, partnered with at-work education will help ensure you are safe in the workplace.

Food Safety Certification Courses

Do you need certification for preparing, handling, storing and managing food? We provide Alberta Health approved food safety certification courses for individuals that work in the food industry. Take this one day course and get certified in Alberta today.

Private Courses

We also provide private classes for groups of any size. Contact using the form below or give us a call to receive a quote on our private programs. We can come to you or offer the course at one of our training facilities.


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