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Our Team

James Cajocum

James has been working in first aid and CPR since 2007. His is the general manage of Edmonton First Aid. His focus is on hiring and training the leaders of the company and ensuring the highest quality standards.  He has a strong business and customer service background.

Marek Asha

Marek is the program manager of Edmonton First Aid. He developes and implements the first aid, CPR, AED and food safety training programs as well as the on-line WHMIS and TDG classes.

Ibrer Yub

Ibrar is the lead technical support for Edmonton First Aid. He ensure you have an a great on-line experience. He ensure that your information is protected according to our privacy policy.


Diva is our head instructor. She has a strong experience in first aid beginning her career as a lifeguard. She is patient and incredibly knowledgeable with plenty of experience providing first aid and CPR.

Brandon Oak

Brandon is our medical professional in charge of editing and providing our latest first aid, CPR, food safety and safety articles. He posts about 5 postings a week for us and is passionate about passing his knowledge off to the world.

Dr. Nick Lim

Dr Lim is our Medical Adviser. He ensures that our material and manuals adhere to the latest first aid and CPR standards as provided by the medical adviser of Alberta.

Our Commitment to You

At Edmonton First Aid we are committed to offering the highest quality of first aid and CPR courses. We are proud to offer the most competitive prices in the Edmonton region with a wide variety of courses offered throughout the week.

Here is ten reasons why you should take a first aid and or CPR course with us:

1. We have the lowest prices in your region.

2. We never cancel our courses.

3. We have comfortable and convenient locations near you.

4. We are experienced providers offering courses throughout Canada.

5. We have a experienced and knowledgeable staff team to help teach you.

6. Our registration process is quick and easy and can be done from the comfort of your own home or office.

7. We have available instructors to set up a private course at almost any place and time.

8. We offer a wide variety of courses.

9. We have extremely high customer satisfaction reviews.

10. We are committed to saving lives and teaching you.

Come take a course with Edmonton First Aid and become a part of the chain of survival.

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