Private Infant CPR

This two hour course is designed for parents and individuals that want a private CPR course to learn about CPR and choking rescue techniques for child and infant victims. This course focuses on learning the practical skills in rescuing infants and children by using the latest CPR mannequins and teaching tools.

Benefits of this Course

This class provides the convenience of having a qualified workplace approved first aid and CPR instructor come to your house at a time when you are available. As many as 4 participants can attend for a cost of 150 dollars (includes tax). More participants can join with a fee of 20 additional dollars per person (example: 5 people would cost 170 dollars). You don’t need to hire a babysitter or leave your house. This class is yours and it is taught at your convenience. If you want an additional topic to be covered you are more than welcome to ask the instructor to cover that material as well.


We will send a certified workplace approved first aid and CPR instructor that is friendly, knowledgeable, experienced and fun.

Course Content

Instructors will cover the following topics

  • Conscious infant and child choking (Minor and Major Obstructions)
  • Unconscious infant choking rescues
  • Choking prevention
  • Infant and child CPR
  • Emergency scene assessments
  • All of your questions


No certification is provided for individuals that attend this course.

Course Cost

The cost of this private course is 150 dollars for 1 to 4 participants. For every additional participant after 4 it costs an additional 20 dollars (example: 5 participants costs 170 dollars). Course fee includes taxes.

How to Book a Class

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