CPR given to inmate at Collins Bay Institution

An inmate who died at Collins Bay Institution was given CPR. The death of the inmate in the medium-security unit at Collins Bay Institution was caused by an apparent drug overdose.

Issue on overdose

The inmate, identified as Shane Elliot Gammie, 35-years old died around 1:30 AM. In a news release, Correctional Service Canada did not state how Gammie died. According to Rob Finucan, president of the Ontario region for the Union of Canadian Correctional Officers, officers on the scene stated it was from a suspected drug overdose.

Edmonton first aid

The prompt delivery of cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) can save a life.

Two officers found Gammie unresponsive in his cell while on their routine walk through the unit. Several officers responded and administered CPR. It was quite traumatic since he was vomiting while performing CPR, but he did not make it. The officers tried using naloxone, CPR and even a defibrillator.

Immediate action

The quick delivery of appropriate first aid can make a difference. The prompt delivery of cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) can save a life. If started right away, it improves the chances of survival significantly.

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