Clogged carotid artery: What are the possible side effects?

The carotid artery is found in both sides of the neck which supplies blood to the head and brain. Any ailments that affect these arteries such as atherosclerosis can lead to obstructions that prevents the proper blood flow to the brain as well as the head.

A blockage is often left overlooked until severe side effects of the disease manifest such as transient ischemic attack and strokes which can trigger several evident effects.

Visual effects

In case the blockage in the carotid artery disrupts with the blood flow to parts of the brain responsible for sight, damage or loss of vision can occur. These visual effects can manifest abruptly and often affect only one eye.


A blockage in the carotid artery can also result of dizziness, confusion and short-term memory loss.


The reduced flow of blood to the cells is called as ischemia. In case the cells in the brain are denied of sufficient oxygen and nutrients due to an obstruction in the carotid artery, they end up impaired. This results to an intense headache along with stiff neck, nausea, vomiting and even loss of consciousness in some cases.

Dizziness and confusion

A blockage in the carotid artery can also result of dizziness, confusion and short-term memory loss. This side effect is quite evident once it causes slurred speech or incoherence or if the individual stops in a middle of a sentence.

Some individuals could not even speak. The dizziness that occurs can be severe that the individual could not walk or stand normally.


A blocked carotid artery can disrupt with the normal flow of blood to sites of the brain controlling skeletal muscle function. This can lead to paralysis, tingling or numbness and weakness.

During the early phase of blockage and a transient ischemic attack, these effects are typically brief, and the individual can regain full muscular strength and control. Nevertheless, if the obstruction is significant, lasting damage and paralysis in certain part of the body can occur. In most cases, a stroke affects only one side of the body.


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