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Knee instability

Knee instability is a feeling that the knee is about to give out. This is often due to damage to any of the knee structures specifically the ligaments where the bones are not held securely in position. Generally, the signs of instability are evident with bending or sideway movements. Instability can occur during sports or […]

Ultraviolet keratitis

Ultraviolet keratitis is defined as a painful eye condition brought about by exposure to the ultraviolet rays of the sun. The condition strikingly resembles a sunburn, except that it affects the cornea of the eye instead of the skin. Being exposed to the ultraviolet rays can briefly damage the cornea as well as the conjunctiva. […]

Rheumatic fever

Rheumatic fever is an uncommon but severe condition brought about by strep throat or scarlet fever that has been left untreated. The condition is likely to occur in developing countries since infections brought about by group A streptococcus are left undiagnosed and untreated. The condition can affect the joints, heart, skin and the nervous system. […]

Seborrheic dermatitis

Seborrheic dermatitis is defined as a skin condition involving the formation of white to yellowish greasy scales on the scalp, face and ears. If it develops among adults, it is called as dandruff. In case it forms among infants, it is called as cradle cap. The condition can trigger itchiness or flakiness in different parts […]

Pressure dressing

A pressure dressing can be used to hold pressure manually to control bleeding. When a pressure dressing is utilized, bleeding control is focused on controlling the flow of blood directly on the wound rather than by removing the flow of blood to the whole limb. When to use a pressure dressing A pressure dressing might […]

Overview on drug allergy

A drug allergy is a serious physical reaction to a certain medication. There are various forms of allergic reactions to medications including immediate and delayed hypersensitivity reactions. Immediate reaction or anaphylaxis – this arises once the drug enters the body. The drug initiates an immune system response and produces precise IgE antibodies. Once the drug […]

Fungal rash

A fungal rash is defined by its fiery red color that spreads over a wide area. The color might be brighter in the middle and lacks a distinct border. The smaller, more pronounced lesions might be present on the exterior edges of the rash. In most cases, a fungal rash might burn or itch. The […]

Close look on diabetic coma

Diabetic coma is defined as a dangerous emergency that can occur among those diagnosed with diabetes. Once this condition arises, the individual loses consciousness and unable to respond to his/her environment. The individual might be suffering from high blood glucose or low blood glucose. It is vital to seek prompt medical attention if one goes […]