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Weeverfish sting

A weeverfish is considered as a venomous fish species. The fish injects venom using their elongated “spines” along its back. If provoked, the fish extends these spines to strike at their prey. Take note that the venom can stay active for hours as well as in dead animals. What are the symptoms? A weeverfish sting […]

Scorpionfish sting

A scorpionfish sting requires proper care due to its toxic venom. The scorpionfish is a venomous fish with prickly spines that are considered highly venomous. The venom of the fish is known to cause rapid delirium and paralysis in a short span of time after stung. Contact with the fish is likely to occur while […]


Frostbite is defined as freezing of the skin and underlying tissue from exposure to extremely cold temperatures. In most cases, it affects the hand, face and feet. The injury can be minor which only affects the superficial skin layer or severe which involves the skin and deep tissues. The damage is based on the degree […]

Facial fracture

A facial fracture involves any injury that results to damaged bones in the face. There are various scenarios that can lead to a facial fracture. Vehicular accidents, sports injuries, assault and falls are the usual causes. Remember that when it comes to a facial fracture, it must be taken seriously since other parts of the […]

Lighter fluid poisoning

Lighter fluid is a transparent chemical fuel utilized in cigarette lighters. The fluid is typically an organic compound based on petroleum products or hydrocarbon gases. Poisoning can occur if an individual accidentally or intentionally swallows lighter fluid. Remember that the fluid is considered flammable and its contents are toxic if ingested. The fluid might also […]

Drain cleaner poisoning

A drain cleaner is a synthetic chemical utilized to unclog or clean clogged drains or drainpipes. Poisoning can occur by accidental or intentional intake of any drain cleaner product. Remember that the product is strong enough to cause serious damage to the exposed body parts. Exposure can occur via direct contact that can affect the […]

Dealing with a chemical splash in the eye

A chemical splash in the eye is an unintentional exposure of the eye to corrosive chemicals. The situation might be minor or serious which is based on the form of chemical involved and degree of contact. What are the possible causes? Incorrect handling of potentially caustic chemicals Leaking containers Intentional exposure to chemicals What are […]

Radial head fracture

A radial head fracture is a prevalent form of elbow injury involving the end region of the radius which forms the elbow joint. The injury arises if the radius breaks close to the elbow. In most cases, the injury is brought about by high-energy impacts during sports, falls from a great height or vehicular accidents. […]

Hammer toe

Hammer toe is a condition where the toe joint is flexed downwards leading to an unusual appearance. This typically affects the 2nd toe of the foot and can be accompanied by bunions. The condition is prevalent among women who wear high-heeled shoes that has a constricted toe box. Children can also be affected especially those […]