Archive | December, 2017

Overview on decubitus ulcers

A decubitus ulcer is simply a type of open wound, usually forming on skin that covers bony regions. The parts of the body where it forms include the back, hips, buttocks and ankles. Those who are likely to develop decubitus ulcers include: Elderly Individuals with reduced mobility Individuals with fragile skin Prolonged use of a […]

Overview on septicemia

Septicemia is a severe form of infection affecting the bloodstream. This condition arises if a bacterial infection in a different part of the body such as the skin or lungs enters the bloodstream. This type of infection is considered dangerous since the toxins released by bacteria can spread throughout the bloodstream. Remember that the infection […]

Overview on viral gastroenteritis

Viral gastroenteritis causes an inflamed stomach and intestines. As a highly transmittable ailment, it spreads via close contact with infected individuals or via contaminated water or food. Various viruses can trigger the condition, and each has its peak season. The prevalent viruses include: Rotavirus This virus typically affects young children and infants who spread the […]

How to deal with scabies bites

Scabies are brought about by mites that burrow beneath the upper skin layer. This skin condition can cause intense itchiness and causes gray-colored lines on the skin together with reddened bumps. The scabies mites spread via skin-to-skin contact with an infected individual or from contact with bedding, clothing or towels used by an infected individual. […]

Close look on yeast allergy

Yeast allergy only compromises as small percentage of food allergies. Depending on the types of reactions that arise, a doctor should be consulted to determine if the individual has yeast buildup, intolerance or an actual allergy. Potential sources of yeast allergy Most breads and some baked goods such as biscuits, muffins, cinnamon rolls or croissants […]