Archive | September, 2017

Can shrimp trigger a skin rash?

Eating shrimp might trigger a skin rash in some individuals. In such cases, the individual is experiencing a form of food allergy, specifically shellfish allergy. Shrimp is a type of shellfish along with crab, lobster, squid and oysters. A skin rash is one of the initial indications of an allergic reaction and should not be […]

Arthritis flare-ups: What are the usual culprits?

There are certain foods that can trigger arthritis flare-ups. Based on studies conducted, the disease can be aggravated by the diet of the individual. The foods that are known to cause issues for individuals diagnosed with the joint condition are from the dairy and meat groups. Avoiding gluten is also beneficial in managing the flare-ups. […]

Can pork cause abdominal cramps?

Abdominal cramps that arise after consuming pork might be linked to various conditions. It is important to note that pork is meat from pig that can trigger foot intolerance, allergic reaction or food poisoning after eating. The abdominal cramps that arise from an isolated event are likely linked to food poisoning while symptoms that continuously […]

How to care for swelling of an infected toe

An infected toe generally causes pain, warmth, redness and swelling. In some cases, the swelling might be serious enough to disrupt with walking and other daily activities. Depending on the cause and seriousness of the infection and swelling, antibiotics or aggressive treatment might be necessary. It is important to note that the swelling linked with […]