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What is gastritis?

Gastritis is inflammation of the stomach lining. The condition can develop abruptly or gradually. The acute form is more common than the chronic form. Gastritis might be brought about by irritation due to excessive intake of alcohol, stress, chronic vomiting or using certain medications such as anti-inflammatory drugs or aspirin. It might also be caused […]

What is diverticulosis?

Diverticulosis is characterized by the formation of several small-sized pockets or diverticular in the bowel lining. These diverticula can vary in size from a pea or bigger and form due to the increased pressure from waste, gas or liquid on the weakened areas of the intestinal walls. The diverticula can form when straining during bowel […]

What is bronchiolitis?

Bronchiolitis is a viral infection affecting the lungs that results to the constriction of the airways of the lungs which causes difficulty breathing. The condition generally affects children below 2 years of age during the winter and early spring season. The usual causes include the flu virus and respiratory syncytial virus (RSV). Indications Slight fever, […]

What is aspergillosis?

Aspergillosis is an infection or allergic reaction brought about by various forms of mold. It is important to note that mold is often present outdoors in soil, plants or rotting vegetable matter. It is also present indoors on food items, household dust and construction materials. Aspergillus fumigatus is the mold that is likely to trigger […]

What is bacterial meningitis?

Acute bacterial meningitis is the prevalent form of the disease and can be life-threatening. The infection causes the tissues surrounding the brain to become swollen. This disrupts the flow of blood and result to paralysis or even stroke. What are the causes? Bacteria is often accountable for this form of meningitis and they are widespread […]

Close look on appendicitis

Appendicitis is characterized by the inflammation and infection of the appendix. Generally, a blockage inside the organ results to an infection, leading to overgrowth of bacteria. In 20-30{c1e64cd9883821d080d6321857fd7e0aef09115686d80ca85d8fc5918ea7d4cb} of cases in children, the appendix might rupture and release the infection into the abdominal cavity. Indications Since the appendix is positioned in the lower right region […]

Overview on anthrax

Anthrax is an infection triggered by the bacteria Bacillus anthracis. The condition generally affects animals but can develop among humans who were exposed to animals or tissues of the infected animals or even the Bacillus anthracis spores. The condition can be found all over the world but prevalent in developing countries or areas that have […]