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Deep vein thrombosis

Deep vein thrombosis is a serious but preventable condition where blood clots occur, usually in the veins in the thigh, lower leg, pelvis and even the arms. The condition can be treated, but it can lead illnesses, disability and even death. Remember that it is often poorly diagnosed, thus it is vital to seek medical […]

Pneumococcal disease

Pneumococcal disease is an infection brought about by the Streptococcus pneumoniae bacterium or pneumococcus. An infection can result to pneumonia, blood infection, bacterial meningitis or middle ear infection. Types of pneumococcal disease Non-invasive These are less serious and occur outside the major organs or the blood. The bacteria can spread from the nasopharynx to the […]

What is hematemesis?

Hematemesis or vomiting blood is considered as a serious condition. This is an indication that the individual is bleeding internally. The condition requires immediate medical attention. Remember that this is considered as a medical emergency. What are the indications The symptoms that indicate that an individual is bleeding internally include: Black or brownish vomit Bowel […]

Overview on clammy skin

Clammy skin develops if the skin becomes cooler than normal and moist despite having a cool surface temperature. In most cases, clammy skin often appears pale. In case the body is under any form of circulatory crisis, adrenaline triggers a drop in the blood flow to the peripheral regions of the body to redirect increased […]

Asthmatic bronchitis

Asthmatic bronchitis is the development of acute bronchitis in an individual suffering from asthma. When it comes to acute bronchitis, it is a respiratory disease that brings about inflammation in the bronchi. This resulting inflammation results to respiratory congestion and shortness of breath. As for asthma, it causes inflamed airways which leads to shortness of […]

Scarlet fever

Scarlet fever is a bacterial infection brought about by the Streptococcus A group which is also responsible for strep throat. It was once a common ailment and capable of causing serious complications but it is now relatively rare. The condition is called “scarlet fever” due to its distinctive red rash that is accompanied by fever […]

Dengue hemorrhagic fever

Dengue hemorrhagic fever is a dangerous complication of dengue infection which is a viral infection transmitted by mosquitoes. Even though the disease is rare in developed countries, it remains as a leading cause of illness and death in tropical and sub-tropical countries. The condition is characterized by fever that lasts for 2 days up to […]

Acute sinusitis

Acute sinusitis involves inflammation of the sinuses or hollow spaces in the skull. The inflammation is typically triggered by various infectious organisms including viruses, bacteria or fungi. Generally, the condition is the result of inflammation, blockage and congestion caused by an allergy or common cold. It can also be due to a sinus blockage from […]