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Child care: How to deal with epilepsy

Epilepsy can manifest at any time but common among children below 5 years. Even though the condition varies from one individual to another, children with epilepsy usually have episodes that respond well to medications. Many children can outgrow the seizures as they mature but others might experience them until adulthood. How to recognize epilepsy in […]

How to care for a blister

A blister is a small-sized pocket filled with fluid that forms in the upper skin layers. It is usually a response of the body to pressure or injury. In most cases, the feet are quite prone to blisters. Wearing ill-fitting shoes or constant friction can impair the skin. As a bodily response, a blister forms […]


Hyperthyroidism or an overactive thyroid releases large amounts of thyroxine. It is important to note that the thyroid gland in the neck is responsible for releasing the hormone thyroxine that controls the energy levels. There are various causes for hyperthyroidism which includes Grave’s disease which is an autoimmune condition in which the immune system attacks […]

Subarachnoid intracranial hematoma

A subarachnoid intracranial hematoma involves bleeding into the subarachnoid space amidst the brain and the thin tissue covering it. The condition is usually brought about by head injuries but can occur from other medical conditions. What are the indications? Intense headache usually at the back part of the head Confusion Dizziness Irritability Nausea Vomiting Sensitivity […]

Wrist joint dislocation

Wrist joint dislocation involves separation of 2 bones that are linked to each other. It is important to note that the wrist joint is comprised of 15 bones with each linked to 1-4 bones. An isolated dislocation of the carpal bone is considered rare since wrist joint dislocation is often linked with fracture to one […]


Choking can be caused by any inhaled foreign body, trauma or internal swelling linked with a severe allergic reaction. If the airway is completely obstructed, the individual could not breathe or speak. The onset is usually abrupt if triggered by any form of inhaled foreign body, but usually gradual if triggered by internal swelling. In […]

Volar plate injury

The volar plate is a dense ligament that links 2 bones into the finger. One might end up with a volar plate injury if the finger is flexed backwards in the wrong direction which sprains or tears the ligament. A volar plate injury typically occurs from a hyperextension force in which the finger is overly […]