Archive | August, 2016

What is secretory otitis media?

Secretory otitis media involves the accumulation of fluid behind the eardrum that lingers after an acute middle ear infection or obstruction of the Eustachian tube. This condition occurs after an acute middle ear infection. The fluid that build up at the rear of the eardrum during an acute infection lingers after the infection has resolved. […]

What is rhinitis?

Rhinitis involves swelling and inflammation of the mucous membrane of the nose. The condition is characterized by stuffed nose, runny nose and typically triggered by common cold. The condition can be acute or chronic. In acute cases, it typically results from viral infections but might also be due to bacteria, allergies or other causes. As […]

Close look on sticky skin

Clammy or sticky skin can be triggered by various issues where some necessitate medical care. The moistness of sticky skin is due to sweating. Various factors can cause an individual to sweat excessively that can range from shock, heart attack, panic attack or an infection. The underlying cause should be treated and if it appears […]

What is stomatitis?

Stomatitis involves inflammation within the mouth usually a small-sized sore or an ulcer. This can occur in the cheeks, inside the lips, gums or on the tongue. There are 2 main forms of the condition – herpes and aphthous. Remember that both forms can occur more often among children and teenagers. Herpes stomatitis is an […]

Causes of stridor

Stridor is a high-pitched, wheezing sound produced by disrupted flow of air. The flow of air is usually affected by an obstruction in the larynx or trachea. It is evident while breathing in but can be oftentimes heard while exhaling. It is important to note that stridor usually affects children more than the adults. Who […]