Archive | February, 2016

What to do for a MCL sprain?

A MCL sprain is a painful injury that can occur among those who engage in high-impact contact sports even among trained athletes. Always bear in mind that this injury can be quite painful but with proper diagnosis and treatment, an individual can achieve full recovery within a span of a few months. Possible causes MCL […]

Elbow popping during push-ups

The elbow popping that occurs while performing push-ups is considered normal and will not generally cause future issues. Just remember though that there are some exceptions that you should be aware of. If the individual frequently experiences elbow popping that can irritate the elbow joint, it will surely lead to swelling and pain. In some […]

Taping for shoulder stability

The shoulder is considered as an unstable joint despite the substantial load that it carries. As a ball-and-socket joint, it is comprised of 3 bones that are connected by tendons and ligaments. Instability of the shoulder originates from its range of motion and mobility. Due to the underlying instability, shoulder injuries often occur. With this […]

Can swimming cause deltoid pain?

Deltoid pain typically occurs among swimmers. The deltoid is the large-sized triangle shaped muscle that wraps the shoulder joint and assists with shoulder movement while swimming. Always bear in mind that more than average flexibility and range of motion is vital in order to attain full efficiency. Swimming is one sport that places a lot […]