Archive | January, 2016

Viral diseases: Close look on measles

Measles is a highly communicable viral condition that was known to affect almost everyone before reaching 20 years old in the past. With the advancements in the medical field specifically in immunization, measles is now a rare disease in most countries all over the world. Even though measles is now considered rare, there are still […]

Health issues: Common cold

Common cold affects millions of individuals all over the globe yearly. Young children are more susceptible than adults due to exposure with others and being exposed to viruses for the first time. The germs responsible for common cold spread rapidly during the cold season since many stay indoors and within close proximity with one another. […]

Sulfite intolerance

Some individuals who had a glass of beer or red wine usually end up with facial flushing while the body flushes with heat. This reaction is called as sulfite intolerance or commonly referred to as sulfite sensitivity. Sulfite is considered widely present in various foods since it is utilized in the processing as a preservative. […]