Archive | November, 2015

Swimming injuries

Swimming is a popular activity among many individuals since it is a low-impact sport. Many swimmers practice and compete year-round while seasoned athletes train more than five miles in a day which subjects the joints to intense repetitive movement. Most of the swimming injuries involve the knees, shoulders, hips or back depending on the stroke […]

Gymnastic injuries

Every year, gymnastic injuries have occurred among individuals who engage in the sport. Always bear in mind that gymnasts are required to consistently prepare for the intense physical and emotional toils that the sport requires. Due to the complexity of the gymnastic routines, the risk of potential gymnastic injuries is high. These injuries typically occur […]

Can diet affect the occurrence of vestibular migraines?

Migraines are described as common neurologic conditions. Millions are affected by migraines where some suffer from vestibular migraines. Always bear in mind that migraines can be instigated by various factors including certain foods. Once the exact foods that trigger migraine attacks are determined, it is vital to reduce or avoid the intake if possible. Close […]

Migraine headaches: Preservatives to avoid

For those who are eager to prevent migraine attacks, the diet might be overlooked as a potential factor. Even though there is no scientific evidence that certain foods are capable of consistently triggering migraines, those who end up with these debilitating headaches were able to identify some of the common culprits. There are some noteworthy […]