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Can legumes cause allergies?

Almost all cases of food allergies are reactions to dairy products, nuts, fish, wheat, soy and shellfish. It is important to note that legumes encompass all peanut and soy allergies, while other legumes include lentils, beans and licorice products. Remember that these allergies are difficult to manage since various foods contain soy or peanut oil […]

What are the common allergies that trigger hives?

Hives or urticaria is described as an allergic skin condition that is characterized by intensely itchy, red-colored wheals that vary in size from miniature spots to plate-sized welts. Many individuals usually experience this skin condition at some point in their lives. Always bear in mind that hives can manifest abruptly on any part of the […]

What are the causes of morning headaches?

Most individuals wake up in the morning feeling refreshed while some experience an incapacitating morning headache where they have difficulty starting the day. Most cases of morning headaches affect more women than men while those ages 45-65 years old face the highest risk as well as homemakers and unemployed individuals. The exact causes of morning […]

Tennis elbow: Ideal solutions for care

Tennis elbow is a sore condition that results to several miniature gashes in the elbow tendons. Even though the movements required in tennis are the usual triggers for this condition, it can also affect carpenters, auto workers, butchers or any occupation or hobby that requires repeated extension of the forearm. Stretching and strengthening exercises should […]

Various types of bone fractures

Bone fractures are considered as common injuries that not only occurs during sports, but also at home and in the workplace. This injury occurs once substantial external force causes the bone to break. Moving collisions, falls and strong blows are the traumatic causes of bone fractures. Certain diseases that weaken the bones and overuse can […]

How to care for heel pain from football

The jumping, sprinting and abrupt stops that occur in football can put a lot of strain on the foot, including the heel. Muscle strain, plantar fasciitis and a bruised heel are the typical injuries that can instigate heel pain. The treatment usually includes application of ice, stretching and over-the-counter pain medications. When an individual suffers […]