Archive | August, 2015

Raisin allergy

Raisins are considered as natural sweet treats but might not be enjoyed if an individual has an allergic reaction after consumption of the dried fruit. The raisins are made out of dried grapes and not considered as a common food allergen, although any food can instigate an allergic reaction. In some circumstances, it is possible […]

What causes neck rashes?

Rashes can manifest on any part of the body and trigger varying symptoms. In most cases, rashes typically develop on the back but can also occur in the neck area. The rashes can manifest as localized reddish, itchy bumps or trigger widespread breakouts all over the body. Individuals who experience rashes typically end up with […]

Viral ear infections

Ear infections typically occur more often in children but can also occur among adults. Most cases of ear infections are triggered by viral infections that usually start in the Eustachian tube that connects the nasal passages to the inner ear. Among children, the Eustachian tube is positioned horizontally which allows the buildup of fluid, thus […]

Abdominal cramps

The body consists of several bodily organs where abdominal pain can stem from. In most cases, it is triggered by sudden muscle contraction or even an involuntary spasm that causes pain with a stabbing sensation such as cramps. Many individuals have experienced abdominal cramps at some point in their lives. Most cases are usually minor […]