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Allergy rash due to cranberry

Cranberry is described as an evergreen berry shrub that is native to North America.  It is important to note that this berry plant is utilized in managing kidney and bladder diseases, yeast infections and Helicobacter pylori infections that results to dental plaques and gastrointestinal ulcers. An allergy to cranberry is considered rare but possible. Once […]

Bell pepper allergy

It is a known fact that food allergy occurs once the immune system of an individual overly reactions to a certain food. Even though food allergy can occur as a response to any type of food, the most common food allergens include wheat, soy, eggs, fish, nuts and shellfish. Remember that food allergies are quite […]

Black bean allergy

When it comes to food allergies, black beans are not the first thing that comes to mind. Foods such as fish, milk and nuts are some of the common foods that can instigate an allergic reaction in some individuals. Even though certain foods are most likely to trigger an allergic reaction in many individuals, an […]

Indications of cedar allergy

Cedar allergy or cedar fever is basically a type of seasonal allergic rhinitis characterized by the standard symptoms of hay fever. Certain types of cedar trees generate substantial amounts of allergenic pollen include the following: Mountain cedar Japanese cedar Eastern and Western red cedars Even though most cedar trees pollinate and capable of triggering allergy […]

Do I have nut allergy?

Nut allergy develops once the body identifies a particular nut as a threat and instigates an immune response to eliminate it from the body. It is important to note that nut allergies are quite common and a reaction can be caused by ingestion of any type of nut including walnuts, almond or cashew. The symptoms […]

Ways to cope with cough

Having a cough can be annoying, embarrassing and even painful. It is sad to note that it can occur frequently if an individual has common cold, flu or any respiratory condition. Luckily, there are various ways to achieve relief from the bothersome cough. As for cough due to COPD, asthma or other chronic lung conditions, […]

What is compartment syndrome?

Compartment syndrome is considered as a medical emergency that occurs as a result of increasing pressure inside a confined space, thus disrupting with circulation to the tissues in that area. This can occur due to various conditions but all share the characteristic of limited blood capillary circulation inside the compartment. When it comes to acute […]