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Cutaneous abscess

An abscess is a cavity filled with pus and contains white blood cells, bacteria and dead tissue. A cutaneous abscess can develop on any part of the skin, but quite common under the arms, base of the spine or around the genitals and anus. An abscess typically manifests as a warm, swollen, red and sore […]

Oat allergy

Oats are considered as a healthy addition to the diet. They are packed with nutrients, fiber and omega-3 fatty acids that keep the body and heart in optimum shape. Despite the healthy qualities, some individuals can develop oat allergy. It is important to note that oat allergy should not be confused with celiac disease. When […]

Allergy to house plants

Ornamental plants have been a popular choice to add variety and color to the house or yard. On the other hand, being close to plants can trigger the manifestation of allergy symptoms. It is sad to note that the actual allergen is not yet identified. Can plants cause or prevent an allergy? The answer to […]

What is chicken allergy?

It is important to note that chicken allergy is responsible for some cases of food allergies in different parts of the globe. Individuals who have chicken allergy can be grouped in two categories. The first includes those who are highly sensitive to chicken meat while the second includes those who are allergic to the chicken […]

Can milk cause cough or mucus?

Parents often feel that their child produces more mucus after drinking milk or eating dairy foods. Some individuals complain that their throat feels coated and this will trigger coughing. Nevertheless, everyone has mucus. It is important to note that mucus is produced by cells inside the nose, lungs and sinuses. It is comprised of salt, […]

Learn About Ischemic Stroke

A blood clot that blocks a blood vessel supplying the brain causing disruption in the blood flow is called an ischemic stroke. When an artery in the brain is blocked, the brain becomes deprived of oxygen and the brain cells (neurons) begin to die and may cause permanent damage if not treated immediately. Ischemic stroke […]

Peanut and tree nut allergy

When it comes to peanut and tree nut allergy, it is considered as the most common food allergy in both children and adults. Nevertheless, since most children start eating other foods first, allergies to other foods such as cow’s milk and egg are usually present before nut allergies. Even though children often outgrow their allergies, […]

Fungal skin infection

It is important to note that tinea is a name given to a fungal skin infection. Many individuals will develop some resistance to skin fungus after being infected. In some cases, they have susceptibility to fungal skin infections. Oftentimes, the susceptibility will run in the family. Tinea pedis (Athlete’s foot) This is the most common […]