Archive | February, 2015

What is cauda equina syndrome?

Even though leg pain is common and typically subsides without requiring surgery, cauda equina syndrome is an uncommon condition that affects the bundle of nerve roots in the inferior end of the spinal cord and considered as a surgical emergency. Cauda equina syndrome develops once the nerve roots in the lumbar spine are compacted, disrupting […]

Management of meniscal tears

When it comes to meniscal tears, they are considered as common knee injuries especially those who play contact sports. Nevertheless, anyone at any age can end up with a meniscal tear. This injury simply involves a torn cartilage. Abrupt meniscal tears typically occur during sports in which the individual squats and twists the knee, resulting […]

Shoulder arthritis

Many individuals all over the globe have been diagnosed with a certain form of arthritis. This condition is characterized by the inflammation of one or several joints in the body. When the shoulder is affected, the inflammation can cause stiffness and pain. Even though there is no cure for shoulder arthritis, there are various treatment […]