Archive | January, 2015

Useful tips in avoiding flare-ups of IBS

It is important to note that irritable bowel syndrome or IBS can be distressing but if preventive measures are taken into consideration, the condition can be avoided. Worry, stress, anxiety as well as consumption of certain foods and beverages can trigger digestive issues. There are long-term solutions that involve simple changes in managing stress as […]

How to properly conceal an epinephrine auto-injector

It is a known fact that epinephrine is a life-saving medication. An individual who is prone to severe allergies whether caused by insect bites, food or plants can mean the difference between life and death. Epinephrine is prescribed to individuals who have severe allergies or history of anaphylaxis. The only issue to consider is that […]

Potential dangers of potassium permanganate

Potassium permanganate is basically a chemical compound that possesses deodorizing and disinfectant properties. In some circumstances, it is used by healthcare professionals in healing skin issues. Take note that it is useful in cleaning wounds as well as treating infected cases of eczema and even fungal infections such as athlete’s foot. Potassium permanganate is available […]

What is a mallet finger?

A mallet finger is considered as a prevalent sports injury. Both baseball and basketball players usually suffer from jammed fingers but the injury can also occur due to a crushing accident in the workplace or sustaining a cut finger while in the kitchen. The index or middle finger is usually affected. Causes of mallet finger […]

What are remedies recommended by doctors for nasal congestion?

The common misconception of nasal congestion is the main cause is the dense mucus. In most cases however, the nose becomes congested once the lining of the nasal cavity swells due to the swollen blood vessels. Among adults, the nasal congestion can be quite bothersome which usually occurs from a bacterial or viral infection from […]

Management of chest cold

Chest cold or acute bronchitis is basically a bacterial or viral infection affecting the bronchial tubes. The condition will affect the ability of the individual to breathe normally and is known to last up to two weeks. Symptoms of chest cold It is important to note that chest cold or acute bronchitis is usually triggered […]