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What are the signs and symptoms of caffeine allergy?

Individual who suffer from the symptoms of caffeine allergy oftentimes have physical symptoms such as the tingling sensation in the mouth, but most of the symptoms linked to this type of allergy are psychological in nature. With this in mind, the symptoms of caffeine allergy are usually misdiagnosed as a psychological condition but upon […]

Birch tree allergy

Birch tree allergy is considered as an abnormal reaction of the body to the pollen produced by birch trees. It is important to note that birch trees are one of the many trees that can trigger an allergic response in some individuals. These trees are common and have triggered adverse reactions among many individuals during […]

Down feather allergy

All over the world, many people suffer from allergies to animals. Even though cat and dog allergies are quite common, down feather allergy can also trigger a mild up to a severe allergic reaction. Always bear in mind the down feather allergy can be easily managed with the appropriate medications and lifestyle modifications. What are […]

How to properly manage osteoarthritis of the knee

Osteoarthritis is a condition in which the cartilage present between the bones starts to weaken. The cartilage functions as a cushion on the bones while at the same time facilitates smooth movement of the joints. Once the cartilage is worn out, the bones rub on one another, resulting to pain, stiffness and diminished movement. Osteoarthritis […]

The basics on addiction

Addiction is a common word nowadays that can refer to benign behaviors such as watching a favorite TV show or drinking coffee. On the other hand, addiction can also refer to a dangerous obsession on using self-destructive substances or activities. Based on studies, it is believed that addiction is basically a psychological condition while others […]