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The effectiveness of electric heating pads for pain relief

Throughout the years, heat has long been utilized for pain relief to stiff joints and sore muscles caused by strains, sprains, bursitis, arthritis, tendonitis or fibromyalgia. The heat produced by a heating pad is also commonly used for sports-related injuries. A heating pad that is used together with pain medications can help stimulate the sensory […]

Torn arm muscle symptoms

For individuals who engage in exercise, there are instances in which the muscles have been pulled. Arm muscles are prone to be torn or pulled since it is the body part that is involved in almost all activities. Majority of the injuries involving a torn arm muscle can occur from a single activity such as […]

Head injuries in children

Head injuries among children are quite common. All over the world, children have either sustained a minor or severe head injury. Falls are the most common cause of head injuries and a high percentage resulted to death by falling off playground equipment. Minor head injuries typically require minimal treatment, but parents must take caution to […]

What are the effects of mothball inhalation?

Mothballs are known to contain toxic substance called naphthalene. Even though mothballs have been considered safe for general use, mothball inhalation can cause serious health issues. The effects of naphthalene poisoning are severe among infants and young children. In case a child or individual has inhaled the vapors or fumes from mothballs, it is important […]

What you need to know about mothball poisoning

Mothballs are comprised of chemicals that are poisonous if ingested, inhaled or absorbed by the skin. The common components present in mothballs are paradichlorobenzene (PDCB) and naphthalene that are both volatile solids that vaporize slowly over time. The vapor released makes them highly effective as pesticides which also make it dangerous to us. What are […]

Types of gauze bandages

Gauze bandages are now highly versatile and have been considered essentials in both the medical and non-medical field. They are readily available in various sizes and types. Majority of gauze bandages are capable of keeping dirt and other debris out of a wound while allowing the air to circulate, thus speeding up the healing process. […]