Archive | December, 2013

Gluten Sensitivity

Gluten sensitivity, also called gluten intolerance, refers to people who experience gastrointestinal problems when eating foods that contain gluten and show improvement when following a gluten-free diet. People who are sensitive to gluten are incapable of tolerating gluten in their diet and develop an antagonistic reaction upon ingestion of often. Gluten sensitivity should not be […]

Gas and Gas Pains

Gas and gas pain is often an avoided topic as it may cause embarrassment.Passing intestinal gas (flatus) can occur at any given moment and gas is usually difficult to control. It is usually not serious, however, it may be uncomfortable for anyone. On the average, most people will pass gas at least 10 times daily. […]

Aortic Aneurysm

Aortic aneurysms refer to the abnormal bulging or ballooning in a weakenedsection of theaortal wall. The aorta is the main artery that conveys the oxygen-rich blood from the heart to the whole of the body. Due to the overstretching of the part of the aortal wall, it weakens and bursts. Bursting of the aorta can […]

Altered Level of Consciousness

Altered level of consciousness simply means that a person is not as awake or alert as one normally is. It can be caused by a variety of causes, which will be discussed later.Altered level of consciousness usually signifies that there is a dysfunction in the nervous system. This is in contrast to the normal state […]