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How to Treat Fish-Handler’s Disease

Fish-handler’s disease refers to a broad-spectrum of diseases that occurs to humans after coming into direct contact with aquatic organisms, but mainly fish. This disease is also known as fish handler’s nodules, swimming pool granuloma, fish tuberculosis, “Erysipeloid” infections and mycobacteriosis, among others. The reason for its many names is because of the numerous different […]

Pelvic Fractures

Pelvic fractures include any fractures of the pelvic including the ilium, pubis and ischium bones that comprise the entire pelvic structure. The pelvis is a fused, stable bony ring that basically provides support to the entire skeletal system. Falls, motor vehicular crashes and crush injuries can cause fractures of the pelvis. Pelvic fractures are serious […]

Hip Fractures affecting the Elderly

Hip fractures affecting the elderly are among those frequent contributors to the high incidence of mortality among this age group (those ageing 75 years and older). Stress and immobility related to trauma predispose the elder adult to atelectasis (lung collapse), pneumonia, sepsis, venous thromboemboli and reduced ability to cope with other health problems plaguing their already […]

Management of Fractures

Emergency management of fractures involves quick decision making as well as proper skills training in order to provide the best care possible without furthering the injury. It is important to immobilize the body part before the victim is transported to a medical facility. Moreover, if a person suspected of a sustained  fracture must be removed […]

Acute Radiation Syndrome

Acute radiation syndrome (ARS) can occur after being exposed to any form of radioactive material for prolonged periods of time. It pertains to the dose rather than the source that actually determines whether acute radiation sickness can develop in an individual exposed to radioactive materials. The factors that will determine whether an individual’s high probability of reaction […]

Types Of First Aid Courses One Can Undertake

First aid is the provision of initial treatment for an injury. It is performed mostly by a non expert, but trained personnel to an injured person until proper medical treatment can be accessed. Certain illnesses or minor injury may not require further medical care past the first aid. First aid generally consists of a series of […]