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Asthma Attack

A Major Health Concern Although most people love the warm weather, it can be the cause of trouble to some. The blossoming of flowers and the blooming of trees during this season can trigger asthma attacks. For children with asthma, the spring and summer seasons are not the best time of the year. While some […]

Vitamin B Helps Prevent Stroke

Does your diet include enough vitamin B? If not, you might as well plan on including vitamin B supplement on your daily menu. Read further and learn more about how vitamin B can help prevent stroke. Every year thousands of people suffer from stroke and its debilitating effects. But a recent study suggests that taking […]

Travel First Aid Ensures a Safe and Enjoyable Trip

First aid skills are indispensable skills. They are applicable to any emergency situation occurring at home, at school, or while travelling. However, travel first aid may require some additional considerations. Who doesn’t love travelling? Probably, most of us cannot say no to the chance of seeing and enjoying some new places. But before you head […]

Road Safety this Summer

As winter draws closer, motorists should prepare themselves for the foggy climate and slippery roads – the leading causes of road accidents. Read further to learn how to ensure a safe drive in the winter. Most people recognize that winter driving presents dangers, as such; we take extra caution when driving on foggy days. But […]

Flu Shots

  Somethings You Should Know Influenza or flu virus is among the leading causes of morbidity in the country. It can be easily transmitted and contracted through airborne exposure. Flu shots or flu vaccination is a critical factor in ensuring not just your health but that of the public. Health experts highly encourage getting flu […]

Suctioning: Advanced First Aid Technique

Establishing and maintaining an open airway is the heart of basic and advanced life support measures. Suctioning is an advanced first aid skill that should be learned by trained first aiders, healthcare providers, paramedics, and EMTs. The primary techniques for clearing the airway are body positioning and finger sweeps. If you have taken a basic […]

First Aid Knows No Seasons

Emergencies and accidents can happen anywhere, anytime. Although there are seasonal emergencies, such as frostbites, asthma attacks, and burns, first aid skills can be used for any season. As you might well be aware of, emergencies occur during the most unexpected time. Although no one ever wants them to happen, they do occur. It seems […]

First Aid Kit: Do You Have One?

The importance of having a well-stocked first aid kit cannot be discounted. Emergencies can happen as a surprise and no one knows when this day will come. It is best to always stay well prepared for these unwanted events. Every household should have a first aid kit. Majority of emergencies occur at home and you […]