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First Aid and CPR Level’s

So many people are must get accredited in cardiopulmonary resuscitation or first aid for educative or job applications. Quite a few individuals believe that they need to register for two independent programs, 1 for first-aid and in addition the other regarding CPR. Fortunately, all the main Canadian 1st-aid companies that deliver trustworthy certificates involve CPR […]

CPR with Mouth to Mouth

First aid, CPR and AED principles shift more or less nearly every 6 years. A lot of these improvements are advised through a substantial facts and analysis institution known as International Liaison Committee on Resuscitation (ILCOR). A great deal of attention within the previous few years continues to be regarding compression only CPR. This potent […]

Preventing Injuries From Bones, Muscles or Joints.

First Aid Edmonton helps prevent and treat injuries through our workplace approved AED CPR training courses and re-certifications. Courses such as emergency first aid and standard first aid full and re-certification courses teach participants about bone, muscle and joint injuries. One tip is to use safety gates that enables to prevent small children from entering dangerous areas […]

Head and Spinal Injuries

First Aid Edmonton provides workplace approved CPR AED training courses which help identify and treat head and spinal injuries. Courses such as emergency first aid and standard first aid offering candidates training in recognizing and providing care for patients with head and spinal Injuries. Register for basic first aid and CPR training in Edmonton to learn […]

Heart Attacks, Angina and other Circulation Issues

Understanding the body’s signs in normal operation will help identify issues in emergencies as covered in CPR/AED courses that Edmonton First Aid offers for workplace approved certification. Each time your heart pumps is called a contraction and is controlled by your heart’s electrical system in order to beat. As a result of each beat, it gives […]

Secondary Survey: Check, Call, Care!

First Aid Edmonton gives the training through CPR courses and CPR re-certifications to perform life saving activities. For example, if an ill/injured person has no life-threatening condition, then you may perform a secondary survey. Ask SAMPLE questions, then check vital signs and finally do a head-to-toe check either hands on or hands off approach. As […]